Yes, you did read the headline correctly, if that is what you are wondering right now. Tourism without borders is something that is finally becoming a thing, although, not in a traditional way, as you may have expected.

If you are a Tour Guide, we are here to tell you that it’s finally possible to continue providing your services, but without having to wait for travelers to physically visit the place where you are at.


So what does tourism without borders actually mean?

We are all aware of the impact that the pandemic has had on tourism.

Given the fact that many things in our daily lives had to be moved to the screens of our phones and computers, tourism followed this path as well. Now, thanks to the development of a platform dedicated to virtual travel, people can finally visit places all around the globe once again.

But what good does all of this bring to you if you are a Tour Guide?

Well, it’s simple to say that now you do not have to sit around at your home, waiting for borders to open and the restrictions to be lifted, so that the tourists could visit the place where you guide your tours. You can become a Tour Guide for virtual travel and embrace the awesome opportunity to introduce the local gems and tell interesting stories to Virtual Travelers all around the world.

Virtual tourism has made it possible for people to experience different places and cultures, without having to worry about current circumstances, passports, border controls and visas. This means that you can now engage with those who aren’t in the position to travel physically, whether because of their schedule, finances, travel limitations, distance, or anything other things.


,,Why would anyone become a Virtual Traveler when they can travel physically?”

,,What is the point of virtual tourism if the pandemic may be over soon? Will it have any sense after everything is back to normal?”

These are some of the most frequent questions that we get. We understand that the idea of virtual travel may not sound appealing at first, but the fact is that virtual tourism isn’t a replacement for physical tourism, but rather an improvement.

Even after the pandemic ends and everything reopens, virtual travel will become a major part of the tourism industry and it will enable many important uses that weren’t accessible before. The end of pandemic does not mean getting back to normal, it means the start of the new normal.

For example, before Virtual Travelers book their ticket to a place where you are at, they can hop on a virtual tour and take a look at what they should visit, you can show them around and offer them some insight information about less popular, but more interesting landmarks.

Or, in case they are planning to once again visit the place, after already being there several times before, you, as their virtual Tour Guide, can give them some information about what is new there that they can see and experience.

In the end, even when physical travel becomes as frequent as it was before, borders, visas and passports will still limit many people from discovering new places. Being a Tour Guide on a virtual tourism platform means that you can meet many Virtual Travelers and provide them an opportunity to explore places they might not ever be able to see if there weren’t for virtual travel.


Virtual tourism offers you a space to grow and expand both your experience, skills and to build your community that will be worldwide.

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