About Samibeli

We believe that in order to truly make a change in the world when it comes to business, an idea or a solution to a problem worth solving must come from personal experience. Therefore, allow us to tell you our story of how the idea of Samibeli was born and how we believe it can make a difference.

One day, back in February 2019, we were on a family holiday at the beach of Mexico in Playa del Carmen. We were thinking about visiting Chichen Itza but since it was too far away for us to travel with three small children, we weren’t sure if it was worth the struggle. The heat, long distance trips and essentials for travelling with kids never work well together. We wondered what it would be like to hire someone from there to show us what to expect and to present the image of that place in a credible way. Hearing stories from local and experienced people is the best way of seeing actual picture of a destination.  ​

And just like that, the idea of Samibeli was born. While thinking about fixing our own problem, we created something that can solve a global problem.  ​

Today, Samibeli is a family company that cares about others and wants to help other people who want to travel, especially during these times in which we are transitioning to the new normal. What we mean by new normal is rapid digitalization, ecological problems and other global problems that the world is currently facing with. ​

Not only do we aim to help tourists but also to all of those who work in travel industry and who cherish the way of teaching other people about different places in the world.  ​

Since Samibeli is a family company and our children were one of the sources for the inspiration, we decided to name the company after them. Name Samibeli is derived from the beginning letters of the names of our four children. ​

This is not all, but just the beginning, and the future we see for us goes beyond this. Now when you know our story, we want you to explore the world and to enjoy this journey of Samibeli, together with us.

Meet the team


Nathalie Gabriel

Founder & CEO

Nathalie is a 32-year-old French-Swiss and a passionate 4 times Mom. She holds a Master’s in International Business from Paris. Nathalie loves traveling and anything that has to do with it. She is an expert in marketing and social media, and a tech enthusiast.


Gabriel C. Gabriel

Chairman of the Board

Gabriel is a passionate 4 times Dad who holds an Executive MBA. He has over 12 years of experience as Leader & Managing Director of an international leading SaaS company in the field of secure file sharing, board management tools, secure collaboration, virtual data rooms and blockchain. He loves traveling and exploring new places all over the world.


Severiyos Aydin

Board Member

Severiyos is the founder of the social tech startup AIDONIC with the vision to create a new way for efficient and transparent humanitarian aid with a global scale to empower all needy people worldwide in the most sustainable way. He is also the founder of ARAMAIC RELIEF International, a nonprofit organization with a strong focus on immediate humanitarian and development aid to war victims.


Rui da Silva

Board Member & Tech Lead

Rui is a tech enthusiast and dedicated to customer satisfaction. The travel DNA is a profound part of Rui’s personality, past and hopefully future. He accomplished his dream to travel the world with his backpack in his early 20s and learned more about insider knowledge from locals all over the world. As a father of two young children, he is enjoying the virtual travel experience with his family.

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