What if we told you that you could see places all around the world, but without the costs of transport, pocket money and accommodation?

To be more precise – how would you feel about online traveling anywhere you can from the comfort of your own home?

You are probably wondering in what way could something like that be possible. But the thing is, with the rapid digitalization, the world is getting many opportunities for alternative ways of experiencing many different things, including remote tourism.

If you enjoy tuning into livestreams or even hosting them, then you are going to like what we will be talking about in this blog.


According to Tech Jury, the livestreaming industry has grown 99% between April 2019 and April 2020. And, according to a survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 47% of livestreaming video viewers worldwide are streaming more live video compared to a year ago.

We must admit that these are some astonishing percentages. They determine the direction where the attention will be headed in terms of creating content. This is why it is no surprise why livestreaming gained so much popularity, especially due to the engaging nature of this format. 

The livestreaming market is constantly growing, which is why many companies are investing in it so that they could get a slice of that pie. The biggest social platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok, wasted no time in adapting their algorithms for livestreaming. In this way, they encouraged people and businesses to livestream more.


One of the main reasons why people use social media in the first place is for sharing experiences. Content creators are driven by the desire to post about exciting moments in their lives, talking about new experiences, engaging in trends, raising awareness about important causes and keeping in touch with the news.

On the other hand, users seek content that they can relate to. They search for something that can inspire them and that can help them learn something new. This is why they choose to follow and be updated with what content creators have to share. That includes even the smallest bits of their lives such as: their daily activities, who they are with, what they are doing, what they are eating and many more.


>Ever since the pandemic has started, people have been looking for ways to continue enjoying the activities that they usually like to do.

Content creators, companies and celebrities took the opportunity to engage with their followers. Events such as concerts, webinars, conferences, and even travel itself, have all moved into a virtual form through livestreaming.

Not only did they find a way to keep sharing what they like, but they also found a way to broaden the number of users who enter the livestream. This also became an opportunity to gain new followers and new members of the community.

man and woman on the couch


>Everyone loves traveling. If you were to ask anyone about what they like doing in their free time, traveling would be one of the things that they would name.

But now that certain restrictions are limiting travel, how do people get to enjoy their favorite hobby?

The answer is simple, and it has to do with everything that we have written about in the past couple of paragraphs. People can now enjoy traveling through a form that they like engaging in the most – livestream.

The beauty of livestreaming is that it is accessible to many. It provides us with seeing something live at that exact moment and in its exact state. Livestreaming comes with no filters, no photo manipulations and no removing scenes that are found unnecessary.

Thanks to livestream, Virtual Travelers are given a rare opportunity to engage with local Tour Guides who will tell them authentic stories about the places that they are showing them around. This is what makes virtual tours a truly unique experience.


Samibeli has recognized the growth of the livestream industry and the people’s need to follow this kind of content. 

As we observed the problems that Virtual Travelers and Tour Guides are currently facing, we felt the need to find a solution that can help them. That is why we decided to build a community of people with similar interests, which in this case are traveling and tourism. 

We created a unique platform where Virtual Travelers can enjoy live virtual tours and connect with Tour Guides who host those livestreams – all in one place.

Download the Samibeli app, join our community and explore the world through virtual tours. We are looking forward to meeting you.